2018 Diwali Gift for Corporates

Diwali means “Enlighting our lives with a bright ray of light. This is also called Festival of Lights”. We have some cultural inclusions attached to each festival, Diwali is no exception. The central theme of Diwali is the “Victory of Good over Evil” which resonates in the mood across the nation – i.e. “Feel Good Factor!”

During Diwali, the elite also has “Joy of Giving Week” to share their prosperity with deserving sections of society.

Diwali gifting spans across certain categories like Relatives, Friends, Employees, Vendors, Government departments/ Banks/ agencies, economically underprivileged, and NGOs

Diwali Gifting ideas could range from the lowest to the highest. Some of the Best Diwali gifting ideas are:

Sweet/ Dry Fruit boxes, Apparels, Photo frames, Paintings, Household utilities- Cutlery, Crockery sets, Household equipment – Grinders, Mixers, Jewellery, Lanterns, Coffee mugs, Perfumed/ Decorative candles, Office bags, Silver Glasses/trays, Laughing Buddha, Lord Ganesha in various forms, Travel kits,  Tea/coffee platter, Essences and fragrances, Money plants, Gold / Silver Coins

With the advancement of technology, it is very easy to order gifts online after negotiating good deals which provide wide choices for gifting across monetary limits and categories also many simple gifts have become now advanced and are user-friendly. Example Pen stand, a normal Pen stand has been used along with a Desk Lamp which can be used both the ways either at home or for the corporate purpose. Another Gift could be previously Visiting card slot were given as plain gift now Visiting cards have been accompanied with power bank and can be used for a dual purpose which charges the phone and helps in keeping the visiting cards too.

Festival gifting is a wonderful occasion to remind ourselves of our rich cultural heritage which exists across various regions, understand its relevance and pass it on to generations to come!