Corporate Gifts under Rs. 100/-

Gifting industry is widely spread with lots of varieties and uses which it takes care of corporate needs. There are many items that you can consider gifting your employees and associate or staff under Rs.100, However the value may be less but the usage and quality is what it takes to consider.

Some of the corporate gifts within the budget are mobile stand which lets your mobile to stand horizontally or vertically without letting you touch the mobile phone for support. Keeping one self-hydrated is important in today’s stressed life. Water bottles come to the great rescue. These water bottles are of great quality and built. Another gifting that can be considered is Keychain that never lets you lose your bunch of keys. Keychains also come with a flashlight and a bottle opener. Promotional Pens, mugs, T-shirt are few more corporate gifts.


The company cares for their associates which is like an extended family, therefore promotional hand sanitizers of various scents, alcohol-free is another great promotional corporate gift.

Sticky note, some of the office supplies and stationery items that one love is another colourful story to tell on your sticky notes.

The above gifts are not limited however there are many more that can be considered but these are few on the top list.