Keychains are extensively and widely used by everyone. For the very basic it is used by many for attaching a bunch of keys.

Gone are the days when keychains used were plain , now with corporates and gifting industry bring a change, Keychains have undergone wide innovation and creativity in shapes, size and looks.

Keychains are also personalized with the company name and logo design or engraved.

We love a pretty keychain as much as the next person, but since they’re always with us, we’d kind of love it if they could actually do something besides just hold our keys.

Keychains have also been utilised as dual functionality with Pen drives attached. That can store data wherever you go, Also Keychains come with flashlight that serves a purpose while access to areas with low lights or hardly any light, it’s a mini torch. You can also get key chains that will help you defend yourself if you get in trouble. Some key chains come equipped with an alarm that you can set off to let others know you are in need of help. There are also key chains available that have little cans of pepper spray. This could also be used if you were to get into trouble. Some people have heard of using a key between their fingers as a form of self-defence.

Some like keychains been collected from different cities as their collection. It’s a great corporate gift that one can consider giving, no matter who your recipient is everyone uses a keychain in today’s time that also comes with multipurpose.