Office and Stationary

Office and Stationary go hand in hand. Stationery items are always important in your daily life and can be considered as an essential corporate gift by certain companies. Office and Stationery products are mainly required for the sole purpose to complete the task in office in order to maintain records.

Office stationery is the manufactured writing materials, including cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, continuous stationery and other office supplies. Stationery includes materials to be written on by hand or by equipment such as printers. Customized corporate items such as office supplies and stationery are also useful as gifts to staff and suppliers.

The range of products available in the ‘Office Supplies’ section is truly comprehensive and includes office equipment, paper shredders, engraving machines, presentation aids, organizational aids (including organizers & timers), mailing stationery, adhesives, stamping, office accessories, and writing & drawing utensils.

These types of gifts are very popular and ultimately beneficial to business. Giving practical items that solve needs such as bags, mugs or mousepads will ensure that customers /channel partners /employees keep using your branded product and remember you!

The basic concept of gifting here is to inspire, motivate and encourage the recipient in a very subtle way. These are termed as essential gifts that the company wish to offer within the company with their brand and company name.